Both of my parents have passed away.

My Dad when I was 13.

And, my Mom this past October.

She was from Brooklyn.


Since she died, I’ve been in a dark place.

I felt like I lost everything.

Many other things happened during this time.

Family means the world to me.

Being in the Nest, for me, was about



The process of rebirth

And, another chance.


The tattoo on my arm is of my Dad…

strict, loving, family oriented, and a no excuses kind of guy.

And, the flower in my hand represents my Mom….

soft hearted, kind, and always there for me.


Life is short.

My eyes have been opened.

My path is genuine, open, and free.

I am learning how to fly on my own again.


The Rebirth of A King

***image and words in collaboration with Blake Walker