On July 6th, I was invited to be the featured artist at The Sanctuary Club for the first Thursday Art walk, downtown Portland, OR.  The Sanctuary is a sex positive event space that focuses on taking the stigma off of sex and provides a safe place to explore ones own sexuality.

The space was filled with people that gathered around to watch me work, a DJ played music all night, another artist was there painting , and people took turns stripping off their clothes to hop into a giant nest that was built on site.

The subjects ranged from transgendered, gay, straight, couples, and simply people that wanted to feel liberated.

What I like the most about this event was that it felt more like performance art, which I had never done before….but it felt so natural to have an audience and it was so inspiring to watch the participants just feel completely uninhibited and taking off their clothes in front of an audience…..so freeing!

What I also loved is that everyone that got into the nest was so different and had such a different story about their sexuality…but it just didn’t matter…no matter the sex, gender, or who one chooses to love…we all belong.

Interviews are happening this week and some of the images will be published on the next blog post.