I’m finally landing back down in my own Nest of Portland, OR and reflecting back on my time spent in Washington, DC for the monumental Women’s March.  My dear friend Heather and I traveled to not only stand in the solidarity of women, men, and children that stood for the rights of all people who demand that their human rights be protected….but to also create art at a time that calls for people to feel and to express themselves through creation.

The Nest in Washington was conceived from deep sorrow after the election of Trump and also deep excitement to be a voice of  women and women’s rights.  My nests represent the Feminine and the safety of being held in the Womb…a place of unconditional love and protection. And, a place where all beings are safe and nurtured….as they are….no matter where they are from, who they love, or if they have a pussy or a penis.

We spent one day gathering materials in Silver Spring….just north of DC and the next day building at a studio. We then, hosted 3 days or portraits for anyone that wanted to participate.  And, ended up getting about 75 people in the nest from all walks of life. It was incredible and inspiring and extremely beautiful.

I’m currently collecting stories from the people that were a part of it and the images will go into the collected body of work.

My next journey will be to Brooklyn, NY to build a nest and take portraits at Wyckoff-Bond Community Garden for Earth Day. Details for this nest are here. From there, I’m headed to Aurora, West Virginia for another stop on The Nest Tour.

As always….thanks for reading and making art with me.