This Kickstarter campaign is to raise funding for The Nest Project Tour. Funding will support travel fees, lodging, equipment, assistants, food, and other various details.

The intention behind this Kickstarter is to raise money for a tour.  It is to raise money to go to the places in this country that have undergone trauma and to communities that have undergone injustice. It is to raise money to go to places like Flint, Charlottesville, Houston, New Orleans, and many more. It is to raise money to keep this free to the public and anyone that wants to get in The Nest. I will be starting the tour at The National Mall, Washington, D.C. at the Catharsis Event – a Vigil for Healing – November 10-12, and finishing this tour in October, 2018 in NYC.  The end result will be a book and show of the collection of images and stories.

For this tour to work, I need travel funds, equipment, advertising, and assistants.  With your help, I will be able to keep this project going and spread the Love of The Nest.

Thank you so much for your donation and continued support of The Nest Project.