About The Project


The inspiration for building a nest came to me as a way to bring form and symbolism to my own personal journey.  It was a personal quest for unconditional love and holding of my feminine and mother wounding. It was built as a way for me to express that when the wounded vulnerable parts of myself feel held and loved, then I feel supported, and I feel FREE.

The inspiration behind making The Nest as a project stems from the notion that as a human race, the universal Feminine and Mother have been wounded for a very long time. And, it shows up in all kinds of ways, in both genders, through various forms of abuse, self loathing, body hating, and extreme amounts of violence and hate crimes.

So, my mission is to get as many people as I can to allow a part of themselves to be held in The Nest reconnecting to The Mother and to The Mother Earth. And, to honor and awaken the inner Feminine and inner Mother within us all.


Everyone has a different experience in The Nest and rest in it with a different story. The Nest is about letting it unconditionally love and hold the parts of yourself that long to be nurtured.

And it can be anything from mother or feminine wounding, a hard childhood, trauma or mistakes from your past, sexuality or body issues, grief from a loss, fears, vulnerabilities, insecurities, or simply your dreams, aspirations, and hopes for the next generation.

With that in mind, take a moment to sit with yourself and listen for what part of you are you holding in the NEST?