About The Project

This project is my response as an artist and mother to the ever-growing pain, injustice, devastation, and wounding of our culture. It is an expression of returning to home, safety, and to our innocence. It also gives people a transformative experience by allowing them to strip it all down, hop into The Nest, and be witnessed and photographed.

The inspiration for building a nest came to me as a way to bring form and symbolism to my own personal journey. It was a personal quest for unconditional love and holding of my pain and wounds. It was built as a representation of HOME.

The inspiration behind making The Nest as a Project stems from the notion that as a human race and American culture we are suffering from extreme amounts of pain, violence, hatred, trauma, devastation, and wounding. This project is an opportunity for healing though expression and a chance to strip it all down, be vulnerable and return to home, safety, and protection of innocence.

The mission with this project is to get as many people in The Nest as a way to show that when we strip it all down….we are all the same, we all have wounding, and have all come the same place no matter where we were born, the color of our skin, who we choose to love, and who we pray to.