About The Artist

Hi, I’m Debbie Baxter, creator of the The Nest Project and a woman of sincerity and passion.

I’ve been making art in some form or another all my life and spent the majority of my adulthood as a mother, professional photographer, teacher, and inspiration to many.

The Nest Project is my response, as an artist and mother, to the ever-growing pain, injustice, devastation, and wounding of our culture. It was originally inspired as a way for me to hold my own pain and wounding from a challenging childhood, a sick mother, and the death of my mother. From there…I knew that other people could benefit from this stripping down, being vulnerable, finding HOME, and, in turn, feeling FREE.

I feel honored to bring this project to the world. I feel honored every time someone trusts me to photograph them in The Nest. And, I feel honored by the lives that this project has touched and changed.

Please, feel free to reach out, as I love connecting with new people. Find me and The Nest Project in a city near you…..and
don’t be shy…take it all off, and hop in The Nest.